PCA Peels






The skin is the largest organ in our body. It is made up of millions of cells that protect us from the environment and regulate our body temperature. Every day thousands of cells die flake off and are replaced by new cells from beneath the skin. As we age, this process begins to slow down. Our skin may become dull. Dark blotches, fine lines and other signs of sun-damage and aging begin to appear.

Chemical Peels have been used for over 100 years to create an even and controlled shedding of damaged skin cells. Each year thousands of chemical peels are performed in the United States. A chemical peel uses a solution applied to the skin to remove dead skin cells and stimulate the production of new skin cells. Our Licensed Esthetician, Lindsay performs chemical peels for her clients to tighten skin, reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and pigmentation as well as to help restore a more youthful appearance.



– Initial Consultation/Skin Analysis (includes trial size skin solution kit)…………. $55   (optional)  During this time you will want to explain the level of skin improvement you hope to achieve. Our Licensed Aesthetician, Lindsay will then review your medical history and examine your skin type and pigmentation to determine if you are a good candidate for a chemical peel. Together you can evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of chemical peels, discuss your options, your expectations and determine the best treatment for you. You will also receive a trial size skin solution kit targeting your areas of concern. With this kit you will receive a short mini facial during your skin analysis for proper application technique and the kit is yours to take home to start using and enjoying the benefits PCA has to offer.


Different types of PCA Peels:

Modified and enhanced to soften the depth of surface lines around the eyes and nasolabial folds, help to clear acne, smooth skin texture and even out skin tone. Especially beneficial for oilier more resilient skin types. These blends combine AHA with Kojic acid to address hyperpigmentation from sun damage, inflammation and hormonal changes.

– PCA Peel hydroquinone free………………… $115
Ideal for more sensitive skin types, ethnic skin or those allergic to hydroquinone. This treatment will help to unclog pores, clear acne and rejuvenate the skin. With it's blend of brighteners and alpha and beta hydroxy acids, it also is an excellent choice for correcting pigment discolorations and maintaining even pigmentation for those who do not like the use of or have sensitivities to hydroquinone.

– PCA Peel w/hydroquinone…………………… $115
Ideal for those who want an even skin tone and have no sensitivity to hydroquinone. It will help to quickly lighten pigment discolorations of any kind, such as melasma and acne scarring. In addition, this peel helps inhibit active acne and correct post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation from acne.

– PCA Peel w/hydroquinone & resorcinol…………………………$115
The most potent of our enhanced Jessner's formula's, this peel will even skin tone and provide more exfoliation for oilier, thicker and more resilient skin types. It is extremely effective on sun damaged and thickened skin. It is also excellent for those with active cystic acne and asphyxiated skin (dry on the surface, oily underneath) or those who require a deeper treatment.




Trichloroacetic acid, which is a stronger acetic acid. Unlike light alpha hydroxy acid peels, a TCA peel works more deeply and addresses skin flaws such as aging skin, fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, dehydration and acne, especially in drier skin. When used alone, it is much preferred for olive or darker ethnicities.

– Sensi Peel……………………….. $115
A gentle solution formulated primarily for ethnic skin as well as all other sensitive skin types. Will strengthen and brighten the skin while helping to treat sun damaged and other forms of hyperpigmentation. Also provides anti-inflammatory, anti-acne and antibacterial action, making it an excellent choice for helping to calm Rosacea, as redness and inflammation can subside substantially after treatment. Produces little to no reaction on the skin. After treatment the skin looks smooth and silky.

 – Ultra Peel 1…………………….. $115
Specially formulated to treat dry dehydrated, maturing skin. Also appropriate for many other skin types, conditions and sensitivities. It will help treat pigment disorders, fine lines, wrinkles, sun damaged skin and acne. This treatment is especially ideal for sensitive skin, as it produces only a mild tingling sensation. Mild to moderate exfoliation will be experienced, depending on the number of layers applied. Overall the final results will be plump, hydrated and luminous skin.

– Smoothing Body Peel: arms legs back……..$155 chest hands feet…………….. $50
Potent yet skin friendly ingredients that will even out discoloration while smoothing and brightening the skin. It is an excellent choice for treating rough, dehydrated, sun damaged or acneic skin on the arms, legs, back, chest, hands and feet. Perfect for those struggling with Keratosis Pilaris.




Vitamin A family creates mild occlusion to enhance absorption of the vitamins, antioxidants and rich actives into the skin for maximum benefits. The retinol content also increase cell turnover and post treatment exfoliation.

– Ultra Peel 11: used alone……… $55
This advanced hydrating retinol treatment stimulates collagen while hydrating and moisturizing aging skin. The retinol (vit a) content helps increase cell turnover to keep skin looking fresh, while L-ascorbic acid (vit c) strengthens the skin by helping to increase the skins collagen and elastin network to improve tone & texture. Best for normal to dry and mature skin

– Esthetique Peel: used alone……..$55
This advanced formulation of lactic acid and retinol with a unique blend of polyphenols, antioxidants, vitamins, humectants and brightening ingredients, improves the texture of skin and helps to treat aging and sensitive skin, acne, Rosacea and hyperpigmentation. It offers immediate smoothing, brightening and firming benefits to create glowing, healthy skin. Best for normal to oily and those working to clear hyperpigmentation.




Helps to smooth surface texture, clear blocked follicles and reduce breakouts. Keeps skin free of pollutants and toxins, leading to a brighter and clearer complexion, especially in dull or breakout prone skin.

– Pumpkin Peel Treatment………………….. $60
This treatment simultaneously exfoliates and draws impurities out of the skin while introducing vitamins, enzymes and rich nutrients that brightens and rejuvenates. Ideal for smoothing the skin, as the naturally occurring Salicylic acid and enzymes in pumpkin remove the dead surface cells that cause rough texture while infusing the skin with high levels of Vitamins C & A. Great for a dull complexion and to strengthen the collagen matrix that supports healthy, younger looking skin hence following the treatment the skin will have a healthy glow.

– Clarifying Mask…………………………… $60
Blend of 20% salicylic acid, cherry extract and other beneficial ingredients makes this an ideal choice for helping to improve acne, breakout prone skin and sluggish, dull complexions. It's exfoliating, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits refine skin texture and bring new brightness and freshness to the skin.

– Detox Gel Deep Pore Treatment………….. $60
Good choice for detoxifying all skin types. The active blend of lactic, glycolic and salicylic acids effectively penetrates pores to dissolve impactions and blackheads, kill bacteria, reduce inflammation and remove excess cell debris to leave skin hydrated, purified and clear. This gentle, deep pore cleansing treatment provides strong antibacterial and antioxidant action.

– Oxygenating Trio………………………… $60
This antioxidant therapy corrects and prevents free radical damage, as oxidative and environmental stress is one of the more significant contributors to the aging process. This treatment helps stimulate surface oxygenation and circulation, rejuvenating sluggish, stressed skin as it draws oxygen the skin's surface, resulting in radiant, healthy skin.



*** Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.When will I start "peeling", for how long and how much?
A. Everyone’s experience will be different. However, on an average, you will see flaking, very similar to the way a sunburn would flake, by day two or three following the treatment. It is possible to see flaking for up to five or six days.

Q. How irritating is a peel?
A. PCA Peels are self neutralizing and leave on the skin. They are very mild. You may experience a very mild stinging or tingling which will subside in a matter of minutes. Use of a fan will help with this sensation.

Q. My skin is very thin. Why would I want to peel? Wouldn’t that make my skin thinner?
A. If your skin is dry and thin, often there is a buildup of dead cells that actually keeps your home care products from penetrating. Having a peel treatment will remove the surface buildup, hydrate the skin and give it a plumper, "thicker" appearance. The use of Vitamin C products in the treatment, as well as in your home care program, will help to build the collagen in your skin, thus making it stronger and more durable.

Q. What is the difference between PCA and glycolic peels?
A. Glycolic acid will dehydrate skin and make pores larger after extended use. PCA uses lactic and citric acids which are skin-friendly because they are natural constituents of your skin.

Post-Treatment Tips
After receiving your chemical peel, you may experience some light flaking in a few localized areas for up to five days and slight redness for one to twelve hours. Although you may or may not actually "peel" during the first one or two treatments, you will probably experience slight exfoliation and your skin will feel tight and pulled. Patients should always follow the Home Care Regimen sheet provided by our Esthetician, Lindsay.






If you have any other questions please feel free to call our PCA Skin Certified Esthetician, Lindsay.